Of all the CPA firms in Missoula does your CPA care about your business and tax issues throughout the year?

Does your CPA just prepare your tax return once a year and treat you like another number? Anybody can put numbers in boxes on a form, but our goal at DeShazer, Toren & Bailey, CPAs, PLLC is to help the taxpayer to identify the business issues to be aware of while utilizing the tax laws to help achieve those goals.

The same strategy applies to individual income taxpayer just as much as it does to business owners. Tax planning for life and business decisions is critical to our clients. Our clients aren’t just numbers.

What should you be looking for in CPA Firms In Missoula?

  • How much experience does the firm have?
  • What types of services are offered?
  • What is the reputation in the area of the CPA firm?
  • Does my CPA understand my situation and what solutions are offered?
  • Does my CPA offer business and tax planning advice?
  • Does my CPA understand my industry?

What differentiates DeShazer, Toren & Bailey from other CPA firms in Missoula?  DTB is a full-service accounting firm comprised of three certified public accountants and a support staff specializing in a wide range of areas.

We provide tax preparation, tax planning, business valuations, business planning and budgeting, cash flow analysis, financial statement preparation, payroll and bookkeeping services. However, our focus is pointed at developing client relationships rather than just a once a year service.

Most CPA firms in Missoula provide the services mentioned above and it really boils down to the quality of work being performed and how valued you feel as a client. Some of the key reasons that clients switch accounting firms include the following (in no particular order):

  • Lack of service by the CPA
  • The timeliness of the work product did not meet the client expectations
  • Lack of or inability to communicate between the client and the CPA
  • Lack of perceived value being provided by the CPA
  • Constant turnover of partners and/or staff with whom the client worked regularly
  • The CPA was not “seen” by the client as much as the client would like
  • The CPA firm could not grow with the client’s business
  • Fees were too much for the service provided
  • Continued major mistakes with the client’s work product causing the client to lose confidence in the CPA’s professional ability and competence

In my experience, when a potential client approaches me about my services, invariably the client will point to a lack of service on the part of the CPA as the primary reason for switching accounting firms. Some ideas we have instituted to increase the service aspect and client relationship component of our business include:

  • Year-end tax planning with our clients to make sure they understand the estimated tax liability and cash flow needs
  • Providing monthly newsletters to the clients to keep them informed of issues in the tax world that are applicable
  • Emailing articles to clients regarding topics of interest to them
  • Providing quality work at a fair price
  • Quarterly calls with the clients to just touch base and find out how they are doing
  • Annual party where all the clients are invited to attend Yes Option review

Our goal always is to be one of the best CPA firms in Missoula by providing the service demanded by our clients and exceeding their expectations.