Are you in need of a Kalispell Certified Public Accountant? DeShazer, Toren & Bailey, CPAs, PLLC is a great  place to start your search.

As a client it is important to understand why choosing a CPA can be a smart move.  There are other tax preparers, enrolled agents and licensed tax return preparers, but this article summarizes the significant education and work related requirements to becoming a CPA.

There are many CPAs to choose from no matter what area of the country you come from, but why should you choose a Kalispell Certified Public Accountant<?

To answer this question it is important to understand the training and educational requirements necessary to become a certified public accountant (CPA).  The following items help to clarify the requirements for a Kalispell Certified Public Accountant:

  • The certified public accountant license is issued by the state where the CPA will be performing services.  Each state has certain educational requirements to sit for the CPA exam and be qualified to practice as a CPA.  Most states require a bachelor’s or master’s degree or at least 150 hours of college courses with a portion of those hours, usually 24 hours, devoted to the accounting coursework.
  • A uniform exam, which consists of four parts, is administered to anyone who has met the educational requirements.  The four parts to the exam are 1) auditing and attestation, 2) financial accounting and reporting, 3) regulation and 4) business environment and concepts.  This exam acts as a barrier to entry into the profession and allows the applicant to apply to the state for licensure as a CPA once the work requirements are completed.  Typically in addition to the CPA exam, the applicant has to pass a course on ethics.
  • Upon completing the exams successfully, the applicant then generally has to satisfy a one to two-year work requirement.  This requirement provides that the applicant obtain general accounting experience supervised by a CPA with an active license for a period of one to two years before applying to the state for licensure.
  • Once the applicant is licensed to practice in the state, the CPA must obtain continuing professional education credits each year.  This education keeps the CPA current on topics pertinent to his fields of expertise.  During a rolling three-year period, the CPA must have 120 hours of acceptable continuing education.  There must be at least two hours devoted to ethics within the 120 hours.

As noted above, there are strict requirements to become a Kalispell Certified Public Accountant, as well as other parts of the country.

A significant amount of our time (at least one full week per year) is devoted to continuing education where we learn about various technical aspects of our industry.

Doing so enables us to be better prepared and aware of situations for our client needs.  Understanding the process of becoming a CPA should give comfort to those wondering why they would need a CPA.

As a Kalispell Certified Public Accountant in we have met the regulatory and educational requirements necessary to make sure that we are better trained to provide the high level of service expected by our clients.